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The first dean of the Faculty for 1962-1974 was Dr. Phys.-Math. Trubenok Alexander Davidovich (1923-2001 years), who gave a lot of energy for its organization and development and simultaneously headed the Department of Precision Mechanics. In 1963 he released the first graduates of engineering. In 1968, the faculty, who then occupied the upper floors of the building shell number 12, opened a new department - "Instrumentation Technology", which provides an educational process technology training for an instrument-making and radio engineering facultys.

Initially, faculty consisted of 4 faculties and it included only 18 teachers, but only about half of them were associate professors, though on each course had 7 academic student groups. In that time lectures on special subjects were invited to teach the leading specialists in the field of instrument with well-known instrument-making enterprises, scientific and educational institutions in Kiev, as well as teachers from schools in Moscow and Leningrad.

An important contribution to further development of the educational process and promote research on the faculty did Honored high school USSR State Prize of Ukraine, academician of Academy of Engineering Sciences (AIN) of Ukraine, member of many international societies and academies, Ph.D., professor Vladimir Ostafyev. He headed the department in years 1974-1995 and was simultaneously head of the Instrument technology department.

At that time, the faculty has worked five Ph.D., professors and 37 Ph.D., associate professors, and had learned to 1100 full-time students and 360 - evening and correspondence. They also formed closer to the orientation of faculty departments of production, scientific and design organizations. Branch of the departments were created in IO "Plant" Arsenal ", IO named Artema, SPO "Kvant", SPO "Hydroprylad", in a project institute "Analitprylad, Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, etc.

Significantly expanded international relations of faculty. On the basis ofinteruniversity agreement and long-term contracts of cooperation with Germany, Bulgaria and Poland were organized interstate exchange of teachers to improve their skills and scientific training. Аlso held an exchange students to study or production practice. Leading academics faculty was invited to lecture on special courses to famous educational institutions in Canada, USA, Cuba, Japan, Bulgaria, Algeria.

In 1995-2000, the head of the department of technology devices, scientific secretary of NTU "KPI", Honored Worker of Higher School of Ukraine, academician of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, prof. Valentin Rumbeshta was Dean.

Given the current requirements of instrument-making industry and the needs of Ukraine, the department includes the existing professions, new specializations, such as: measurement of energy expenditure, devices and systems for environmental monitoring, instrumentation and medical diagnostics, computer equipment and technology design targeting and navigation systems, optical and biological medical devices, computerization and management of devices, intelligent manufacturing systems in the instrument. The faculty was established Research Institute of Advanced Technology and Research and Engineering Center Interdisciplinary Studies, aimed at creating a specialized computer-aided design equipment and technological training of their production.

In 2000 Gregory Tymchik was elected dean of the faculty. He is a former graduate of the Faculty, and now - professor, an expert in the field of laser opto-electronic systems and technology for their production, the Head of the Department of Instrumentation Technology, academician Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine.

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