Klotchko T., Tymchik G. A Laser Acoustooptical System for Technological Processes Diagnostics of the Precision Detailes Processing

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The problem of the automated production process of materials quality increase is urgent at a modern condition of an industry, when there is a constant reduction of workplaces at preservation of the equipment. Danger of occurrence of infringement production processing in this case grows. The quality of technological process is determined by conformity of the current condition of the equipment, tool and detail to the given parameters in the engineering specifications, and the quality management of technological process is carried out by diagnostics the arising instabilities. For a case of machining to the instability concern: the critical deterioration cutting tool, breakage, constraint of the tool in a body of processable preparation (for the drilling process), emergencies of the equipment, when is broken a normal course of the production processing. Discrepancy of parameters the given sizes in this case is observeci. The achievement of the machining stable quality is possible only at use of systems of the analysis of the current condition of the cutting tool. The systems of threshold regulation only for quantity manufacture are most distributed. Therefore the development of such system of a condition of the production process for the automated individual manufacture is expedient.
The functions of quality surveillance of process carry out control and measuring of a sensor's subsystem, the principle of which action on definition of a condition of the cutting tool is based. One of the basic requirements to quality of such subsystems is the opportunity of their coordination with system of the CNC-machine tool for creation of the automated monitoring systems for the production process.

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