Klotchko M. The system for the intelligent control of machining material processing

Friday, 15 July 2011 09:57 administrator

Quality surveillance of the technological processes of material processing at CNC-equipment in requirements of industrial automation is stipulated by the development of the nano engineering, automatic systems in the manufacture enterprises, intensification of the production. The management of the technological processes provides diagnostic of instability and the formation of correcting actions. The diagnostic of a machining processing of materials the monitoring of the limiting conditions are included: the wear of a cutting edge of the tool, the breakage of the tool, the fixing down action of the tool in workpiece, crashes of a production equipment when the normal action of the machining process is upset. In this case quality of made precision products is aggravated, that is the discordance of parameters to prescribed values is observed: parameters of the details formation, the surface roughness are not ensured. It is possible to avoid, for example, a limiting wear of an edge tool, using performances of a workability of an edge cutting tool and workpiece, by replacement of the cutting tool before the termination of the durability period. However in this case the crashes interfering quality of a technological precision processes are possible. Therefore the solution of this problem can be achieved only with application of computerized means of a flow control.

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