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SAEIS department provides the higher education qualifications of “Bachelor” and “Master”.

Bachelor program is an educational and qualification level of specialist, which ,on the basis of the complete general secondary education, received advanced general training, fundamental and professional-oriented skills and knowledge for solving typical professional tasks, which are expected for the proper posts in the certain field of national economy. Bachelor full-time studies lasts 3 years and 10 months, extramural studies lasts 4 years and 5 months. Academic year is divided into 2 terms (autumn and spring). NTUU “KPI” implements the credit-modular system of educational process.

Credit is an arbitrary unit which represents the labor intensiveness of a certain part of the educational program. Each credit unit equals to 36 academic hours. Each academic week equals to 54 academic hours, otherwise – 1,5 credits.

First three years: autumn terms – 18 weeks, spring terms 19 weeks. Examination duration – 2 weeks. In such a way 1,3 and 5 terms have 30 credits and 2,4 and 6 terms have 31,5 credits.

Bachelor program contains 247 credits.

Master program is an educational and qualification level of specialist, which, on the basis of bachelor award, received advanced innovational expertise and skills, has the experience of their application and production of new knowledge for solving professional problems in a certain fields of  national economy. Master program lasts 1 year and 10 month, which equals to 120 credits.

According to the 0510 “Instrument-making” training direction, the department trains specialists for design, production and exploitation of scientific, analytic and ecological instruments and systems of such higher education qualifications as:


6.051003 “Instrument-making” – “Bachelor” educational qualification level (bachelor of instrument-making);

7.05100304 "Instruments and systems of ecological monitoring" – Specialist” educational qualification level (qualification – electronics engineer)

8.05100304 "Instruments and systems of ecological monitoring" – “Master” educational qualification level (qualification – electronics engineer)


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